[linux-audio-user] questions regarding SBLive multichannel use

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sat Jan 14 11:56:21 EST 2006


  This question is directed to Lee Revell and anyone who is using or has 
tried to use the multichannel capability for the ALSA SBLive module.

  When I select multichannel duplex operation in QJackCtl I get 16 
channels for input and two channels for output. Is that the default I/O 
channel arrangement ?

  Regardless of framesize I get constant xruns. SR is set to 48 kHz, and 
the period size has been left at 2. Has anyone figured a way to defeat 
the dreaded xrun with setup ?

  Card is an SBLive Value, system is Demudi 1.3.0rc1, ALSA version is 
1.0.10rc1, JACK is 0.100.0.



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