[linux-audio-user] Music made with Linux

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sat Jan 14 15:58:43 EST 2006

Hi Jan,

> I wrote this about a week after the storm.  Later my daughter
> worked on the melody and a bit on the lyrics.  It was recorded in
> Ardour (qjackctl/JACK), mastered with JAMin, and trimmed with
> Audacity.  It's in mp3 for my poor benighted Windoze using friends.
>     It is dedicated to Sam who didn't die in the lower ninth ward but
> in Pass Christian, MS with his two year old son.
> http://myweb.cableone.net/eviltwin69/katrina.mp3

thanks for sharing. Though it isn't my taste of music, I find it very 
nice. Sounds a bit like a mixture of Irish music in the wild 
west :) ?!?

I'd join the chorus of the others: The vocals could be a bit more 
present. Maybe reducing the reverb already helps a lot.

Best regards


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