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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Jan 15 11:53:00 EST 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 11:19, Jan Depner wrote:
>On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 10:27 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Sunday 15 January 2006 09:31, Jan Depner wrote:
>> >Mark, et al,
>> >
>> >    Many thanks for all the feedback (mostly positive).  To
>> > paraphrase a familiar quote - with many ears all mixes are easy
>> > ;-)  I forgot to mention that I used LADSPA effects (not counting
>> > the electric guitar which is through a V-AMP Pro) other than
>> > running the final master mix through a BBE sonic maximizer.  I
>> > have taken most everyone's advice and lifted the vocals (dropped
>> > some processing too).  Also, a tip of the hat to Dave Phillips for
>> > introducing me to the Versatile Plate Reverb.
>> >
>> >    The new version is in the same place -
>> >
>> >http://myweb.cableone.net/eviltwin69/katrina.mp3
>> That addressed all my concerns, great stuff.  Thank you for the
>> effort, and please do some more.
>> >    It's mostly the guitar - hand made Jose Morales classical,
>> > Spanish cedar top, bookmatched rosewood back and sides, hand made
>> > rosette, all wood binding.  It's a beautiful instrument.  I picked
>> > it up in Granada Spain at Jose Morales' shop in 1978 for $150
>> > (with case ;-)  I've played it next to $3000+ Ramirez guitars and
>> > it blows them away.  I used a cheap Marshall 603 condenser mic
>> > about a foot away from where the fingerboard meets the body and a
>> > cheap Marshall 2001 about 3 feet away and more towards the bridge.
>> >  I used a little Gverb on both sides and some Tape Delay
>> > Simulation on the 603.
>> I have a friend who made his guitar in high school shop, a solid
>> body electric of course.  Autographed by Johnny Johnson many years
>> ago.  Its a pretty fair sounding piece of maple, but no comparison
>> to the clarity of your instrument.  To paraphrase a nearly 80 year
>> old acoustic bass player brother-in-law of mine, that guitar is
>> 'tasty stuff'.
>    I also used to make guitars but I turned my garage/shop into a
>studio.  Take a look at
>The guitar on the left is the first one I made (about 1989).  The one
> on the right is the one I used for the electric guitar on this
> recording.

I do a little wood myself but don't seem to be able stick to a project 
of late.  Thumbhole style gunstocks from a plank are what I unwind 
with.  But lately, I've been playing with a micromill, running it with 
emc from the Brain Dead Install.  And definitely feeling the need for a 
much larger xy table, along with some real rpms in the spindle, 
currently 2500 tops.  I'd like to do the rough carving on it due to its 
repeatability.  But I'd need a 4th axis, lengthwise rotary to do that 
'in the round'.  Someday, if I don't fall over first from the 
inevitable effects of 71 years and counting... :-)

>> He (the friend) and about 3 others, another guitar player, a father
>> & teen aged son trade places on an axe, & a drummer whom I've never
>> figured out why he isn't doing it professionally, he's that good. 
>> They get together to jam on friday nights, but even on their best
>> night, theres no comparison to this.  Thanks.  This one is a
>> definite keeper.
>    Many thanks.
>> But why an mp3, why not a q7 (or higher) ogg?
>    I made an ogg but a lot of Windoze people have trouble with that
>format (even though Winamp and Audacity handle it).

Cheers, Gene
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