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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Jan 15 12:24:46 EST 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 11:21, Folderol wrote:
>On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 08:31:34 -0600
>Jan Depner <eviltwin69 at cableone.net> wrote:
>> Mark, et al,
>>     Many thanks for all the feedback (mostly positive).  To
>> paraphrase a familiar quote - with many ears all mixes are easy ;-) 
>> I forgot to mention that I used LADSPA effects (not counting the
>> electric guitar which is through a V-AMP Pro) other than running the
>> final master mix through a BBE sonic maximizer.  I have taken most
>> everyone's advice and lifted the vocals (dropped some processing
>> too).  Also, a tip of the hat to Dave Phillips for introducing me to
>> the Versatile Plate Reverb.
>>     The new version is in the same place -
>> http://myweb.cableone.net/eviltwin69/katrina.mp3
>Very nice piece of work, especially with the vocals lifted a bit.
>Who need the RIAA :)

Surely off topic by now, but what the hey...

We don't.  But that raises the question as to how we should compensate 
those who are doing work such as this?  Thats what the RIAA was 
supposedly formed to do as part of their reason to exist.  But once you 
get a suit involved its everyone for himself, suits first.

Some, like Janice Ian, have taken the commercial route by selling her 
work on cd's, over the net at prices in the area of the big name stuff, 
and I've bought some knowing she will get quite a bit of it to spread 
to her assistants after the card processing fees.

This is a good model for those well established although Janice is a bit 
borderline to the 'great unwashed masses'.

What I'd like to see is a site where works like this could be posted in 
a quad of format choices.  A very highly smunched version could be used 
as the free sampler, in both ogg and mp3 formats, while the high 
quality, ogg at Q7 or so, mp3 at or more than 128k, would cost the 
downloader a trip into his wallet for his credit card.  The site owner 
could then take 50 cents of that dollar for processing the credit card, 
and the artist gets the other 50 cents.  More than he/she would ever 
get from the RIAA today.

Maybe thats unrealistic from the standpoint of the card people, who 
probably lose money processing a $1 purchase if they aren't fully 
computerized, but you get the idea.

Personally I think it sucks the big one when the RIAA gives the artist 
less than 5 cents on the dollar and then has the unmitigated gaul to 
charge the artist for the production and advertising of the disk, 
sleeve and carrier as has become prevalent today.  Where is their 
gamble?  The artist is sure tossing the dice, with a heck of a lot 
lower chances than a roll of the dice offers.

Cheers, Gene
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