[linux-audio-user] ogg for Windows made really easy

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Jan 15 16:57:14 EST 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 14:22, Lee Revell wrote:
>On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 19:08 +0000, guy wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have read several comments about ogg format & Windoze & want to
>> highlight what seems a very well kept secret.  There is a brilliant
>> & tiny (592kb!) open source media player for Windoze called
>> coolplayer. It runs straight from the binary
>> without need for installation.  If you want to stick to an open
>> music format it is very easy for anyone to obtain. The bottom line
>> is folks, anyone can easily & freely have a means of playing ogg
>> files on a windoze box.
>> The url is http://coolplayer.sourceforge.net/ & the zip file
>> download is only 318kb.
>> Hope you do not feel this is OT as it concerns sharing music in an
>> open format.
>Personally I think it's a losing battle to ask Windows users to use
>anything but WMP.  Like it or not MP3 is the standard.  We need to
> make MP3 "Just Work" on Linux.
>MP3 is not a "closed format" it just has some patent issues (which may
>not be issues at all).
>I find it amusing that so many people who won't use MP3 due to its
>"encumbrance" will happily run the proprietary Nvidia driver...

The difference in the audio is that we DO have a choice, and in case 
you've never done an A-B test, a megabyte a minute ogg is far less 
tiresome to listen to than a megabyte a minute mp3.  Also, I was in on 
the negotiations if you could call it that, for an mp3 license for a 
web music site several years ago.  For a startup site, built with linux 
on a 500 dollar machine they also built, the fees they wanted just for 
them to be able to serve mp3's were so onerous they went ogg only.  
They started out asking for $25k.

In the case of the video, the choice is to run an ati card, but then I'm 
not a gamer that needs 400 frames a second, so this ati 9200SE works 
very well indeed here with the inkernel drivers, and beaucoup faster 
than the budget nvidia that went before it.  Unforch, the nvidia 
shorted out something on the buss and blew the motherboard.  When I 
bought a new motherboard, I was so upset with nvidia that I was bound 
to buy something, anything, else but another nvidia.  And getting the 
nvidia driver to work was such a hassle that I don't think I ran it for 
more than a week all told, the nv driver, while too slow for tuxracer, 
was stable and did everything else I needed to do on a 1600x1200x32 bit 
screen.  Tuxracer plays fine on this ati, which is no doubt faint 
praise, but it at least works.


Cheers, Gene
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