[linux-audio-user] Re: Recording FM Radio Card

Kenneth Jacker khj at be.cs.appstate.edu
Tue Jan 17 08:45:15 EST 2006

  kv> Check output of "arecord -l" to get a list of all cards currently
  kv> available via ALSA. ...

Thanks for your suggestions.

As it turned out, I went to my office Debian system and "things just
worked"!  Since I was able to record off of FM radio there for about
5-6 hours (>600MB of mp3!) straight without "issues", I pretty much
gave up trying to get it to work on my home machine.  Even wrote a
little script that runs in 'cron' to capture NPR headlines at the
top-of-the-hour ...

Then the new semester started.  :-(

Anyway, I appreciate everyone's help.  When I get a bit caught up,
I'll return to getting 'ecasound' and ALSA to cooperate at home.

Thanks again,


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