[linux-audio-user] Homemade music

Steve D groups at xscd.com
Tue Jan 17 21:15:56 EST 2006

More homemade music--

Some days ago Thorsten Wilms sent me a great percussion track called
Gnomes. I have added melodic and harmonic elements to it and the result
can be found here:

OGG format:

MP3 format:

I did not edit Thorsten's track at all. I just decoded it into .wav
format using oggdec, then imported the .wav into Ardour and began adding
tracks. I used Jamin to make the mixdown track, exported it from Ardour,
then encoded the exported .wav into ogg (with oggenc) and mp3 (with

Criticisms (of the melodic/harmonic elements) is welcome. I have a
pretty bad case of flu right now so my ears aren't as good as they
should be. ;-)

If anyone would like to compare this to Thorsten's original track, that
track can be found here:

Thorsten's percussion track:

Best wishes all, and Thorsten, thank you for this enjoyable Internet
collaboration, although I have no idea if you will like what I have done
to your track. ;-)

-Steve D
Doing research is like being in a darkened room, feeling the
sides of an object to determine what color it is. -Eli Khamarov

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