[linux-audio-user] virmidi and 2.6.14 (Demudi)

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu Jan 19 03:48:35 EST 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:

> Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> >The virtual MIDI ports convert between old programs using /dev/midi*
> >and new programs using ALSA sequencer ports.  They do not connect
> >ALSA sequencer programs together; use the through ports for this.
> I'm not sure I understand that. I've been connecting ALSA sequencer
> clients with the virmidi ports for years. I can send a screenshot of my
> MIDI connections in QJackCtl, with virmidi ports connected to QSynth,
> Jack Rack, the Emu10k1 synth, etc. But I may misunderstand what you're
> telling me.

A virmidi port has two ends: a rawmidi port and a sequencer port.
Anything written to the rawmidi device will be sent to all ports connnected
to the sequencer port, but cannot be read back from /dev/midi?.
Any messages arriving at the sequencer port can be read from the rawmidi
device, but are not sent to any other sequencer port.

> >I think you can achieve what you want by connecting a virmidi port and a
> >through port together.
> Been there, tried that, got no joy. :(

What are you actually trying to do?
>From where to where to you want MIDI messages to be routed?


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