[linux-audio-user] rosegarden dssi problem

Emanuel Rumpf x at branwelt.de
Fri Jan 20 11:02:51 EST 2006

If I load/open a rosegarden project with dssi plugins applied, there is
no sound output.
The sound comes back, when I deselect each of the plugins and then
reselect it.
Obviously the dssi-plugin outputs are not auto-connected with the
master-output on project-loading(?)
Looks like a bug to me.
Note: With the default-studio this does not happen, I can here the
plugins there after rosegarden started.

I'm using rosegarden 1.2_cvs, but had this error with previous versions too.
dssi version = 0.9.1 (i think - how to know it?)

I know, it's cvs, sid, but wanted to let you know...
... since it prevents dssi from beeing actually usable...


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