[linux-audio-user] ogg for Windows made really easy

guy sayhi2guy at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 15:03:18 EST 2006

Florin Andrei wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 19:08 +0000, guy wrote:
>> I have read several comments about ogg format & Windoze & want to 
>> highlight what seems a very well kept secret.  There is a brilliant & 
>> tiny (592kb!) open source media player for Windoze called coolplayer.
> "Well kept secret"?
> WinAMP, one of the most popular mp3 players for Windows, has been able
> to play ogg files/streams for quite some time now. ;-)
I think you missed the thrust of my post,  (or I didn't express myself 
very well), ogg players aren't the secret I meant - the open source 
coolplayer is not very well known.  I know that Winamp can play ogg & 
you can get a plug in for media player too.  The point is that 
coolplayer is a very small - small enough to email even on dial-up & is 
open source & can be given out freely with your oggs, I have done this.  
They do not have to install it to use it. Ogg made easy. 
hope this clears things up

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