[linux-audio-user] WINE + audio experiences ?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Jan 21 21:48:09 EST 2006

> I was asking whether there is a single GUI app where I can insert a CD,
> click 'Import CD', then click 'Update ipod' and be done.  I don't want
> to worry about where my ipod is mounted.
> All of the suggestions so far involve a lot more work than I am looking
> to do.

thats way too much work for me. that's two clicks for a start. 

i just mount an iAudio X5 (a definitely superior piece of h/w and
firmware than the iPod) on /mnt/iaudio (by dblclicking the logo that
shows up when i connect the USB cable; i had to script that part).

then i just run grip with a config file that tells it to
rip/encode/write to /mnt/iaudio/music/paul. ogg files, And You're Done.

then i double click on the icon again (which runs sync), and unplug it.


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