[linux-audio-user] One channel clipping on centred mono source

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Thu Jan 26 03:49:27 EST 2006

Quoting qb at f2s.com:

> However, when I exported to wav there was terrible clipping. A quick look
> in
> ReZound showed the problem: there was a mass of clips in the left hand
> track.
> Closer visual and aural inspection showed that the clipping is from the
> kick
> drum.

How did you export the track from Ardour? Did you use the "Export session to
audiofile" option? 

If you did, you should check which tracks/buses you have selected for
exporting. If you use the master bus, you should export _only_ the master
bus outputs. Left output to the left export channel, right output to the
right export channel. Also, check the "Specific tracks" option to see that
nothing else is exported.


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