[linux-audio-user] snd-usb-audio; Lexicon Omega USB: "no mixer elems found"

Victor Lazzarini Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Thu Jan 26 11:24:51 EST 2006

Yes, but there is a patch that sorts it out.


I built a 2.6.15 with  this one and USB is working now.


At 14:47 26/01/2006, you wrote:
>Jerome Tuncer escribe:
> > I'm on Debian testing/unstable, kernel 2.6.15. The snd-usb-audio from
> > ALSA loads when I plug the card. I modified /etc/modprobe.d/sound to
> > look like:
>I think I've read that USB audio is broken in current 2.6.15. Forgive
>me if I'm wrong, sure Google knows better than me.
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