[linux-audio-user] Acid type program

Rob lau at kudla.org
Fri Jan 27 10:59:41 EST 2006

On Fri January 27 2006 05:12, Victor Lazzarini wrote:
> >Or you can completely change your working style and use one
> > or more of the many freeform tools available on Linux, like
> > Snd, Pd, Supercollider, fluxus etc. to do really spaced out
> > stuff not possible with Live nor Acid at all.
> I'd add Csound to that list...

You realize that telling someone who's been composing music using 
Acid that they should really just learn Csound is like telling a 
corporate IT guy who's been pressed into VB programming that he 
should really just learn C, emacs and gdb and write everything 
from scratch, right?  (Actually, since VB users at least have 
Gambas when they come to Linux, they have it a lot easier than 
composers do.)

As someone who has tried (and failed) making music with Snd, Pd 
and Csound, I wonder if what's really needed is some kind of 
templates or presets for some of these systems to provide access 
to higher-level compositional tasks (like those for which people 
use Acid, Buzz, Fruityloops, etc.) to get composers' feet wet 
and entice them to eventually go deeper and exploit the more 
powerful aspects of these tools.  I don't even know how to get 
Pd or Csound to act as a sequencer, never mind getting an 
intuitive tracker- or loop-based interface on top of it.

I'd do it myself, but I can barely even get ALSA, Jack and my 
MIDI keyboard talking to each other in the little time slices I 
can give to composition nowadays, never mind actually learn new 
languages or low-level tools.... or compose music.


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