Ladspa GUIs (Was Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid type program

Kjetil S. Matheussen kjetil at
Sat Jan 28 00:45:35 EST 2006

Reuben Martin:

>> (Why hasn't anyone made a ladspa plugin with a GUI by the way? Its
>> really simple just spawning of a gui process program.)
>Because you have no way of knowing if the platform you are running it

No no, you misunderstand. I said "spawning of a gui process" (I should 
rather have said "spawning off a gui process", but I didn't. :-) ).
Well, I guess the question was more retorical. I personally think reason 
is that linux programmers aren't that much into bells and whistles as 
windows programmers.

>on will have support for the toolkit needed by the GUI.  It would be
>nice to append the LADSPA spec to allow for a simple markup language
>to describe the GUI, and then depend on the host to render that markup
>language into a GUI. It would make it toolkit independent.

No, that would not be nice at all. Far too complicated for the hosts, and 
guis would be different from host to host, and limited by the markup 

What would be nice was if we used a common gui-designer like qdesigner
or glade, so that someone could make an automatic gui-spawner library
that used the xml-files from qdesigner or glade to make guis. That way,
anyone could make/edit gui's quite easely. The idea was proposed some 
years ago, but no one has picked it up. Its not much work to do, but I 
guess no one has got the time. It must be a community project as well, 
because it would be useless if no one bothered to make guis for the 
various plug-ins or the hosts didn't support it. (well, the host-problem 
could be fixed automatically by making a wrapper ladspa plugin, but its 
not the ideal solution)

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