[linux-audio-user] Ubuntu as a music studio

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 28 01:48:02 EST 2006

Jon Hoskins wrote:

>I decided to give Ubuntu 6.04 "Dapper Flight 3" a run and noticed that
>#cat /boot/config-2.6.15-4-386 | grep PREEMPT gives CONFIG_PREEMPT=y and
>has been the same in all the "dapper" kernels I've tried, something that
>was not enabled in the stable "breezy" kernels.  Does this mean the ubuntu
>guys are looking at releasing a stable kernel with PREEMPT enabled?


Precisely today I recompiled the Ubuntu Breezy kernel with 
CONFIG_PREEMPT=y and it made a huge difference! With my M-Audio 
Audiophile I'm able to get 2ms latency and lower completely stable! 
Before I was only able to go as low as 11ms stable or 5ms with some 
xruns... and the performance in general now is way faster! I also 
changed to CONFIG_MPENTIUM4=y (as I have a P4 processor) so I'm not sure 
if the performance boost is only related to the PREEMPT option (or maybe 



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