[linux-audio-user] Re: Straw Poll: External MIDI

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Sat Jan 28 03:11:20 EST 2006

For keyboard we have Roland A-90 with it's 4 midi outs plugged into an old MOTU 8x8 Midi TimePiece/switcher-router.  We have a handfull of externel synths tied into the the motu also.  The motu MTP-AV is connected to the computer via the parallel port.

The external synths' audio is brought to the computer via a combination Mackie CR-1604 and Delta 1010.

We also have an old Peavey PC 1600x midi controller and a Roland SPD-20 drum pad that can be patched into the system when needed.

All of the above works pretty well through Qjackctl(10 audio ins, 10 audio outs, 9 midi sources and 9 midi outs when needed).

I just got a m-audio Trigger Finger(usb) that I'm starting to learn to use. I can see that fitting into the system sometime.

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