[linux-audio-user] Ubuntu as a music studio

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladt at punkass.com
Sat Jan 28 05:47:10 EST 2006

Jon Hoskins escribe:
> I decided to give Ubuntu 6.04 "Dapper Flight 3" a run and noticed that
> #cat /boot/config-2.6.15-4-386 | grep PREEMPT gives CONFIG_PREEMPT=y and
> has been the same in all the "dapper" kernels I've tried, something that
> was not enabled in the stable "breezy" kernels.  Does this mean the ubuntu
> guys are looking at releasing a stable kernel with PREEMPT enabled?

Why not? Ubuntu is thought as a desktop distro, and preempt is
certainly very convenient for a desktop.

Cordially, Ismael
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