[linux-audio-user] Line 6 TonePort UX1??

Ketil Thorgersen linuxuadio at rytmisk.net
Sat Jan 28 08:00:29 EST 2006


On my quest for a good affordable usb solution for my laptop I stumbled
upon *Line 6 TonePort UX1
(http://www.line6.com/store/hardware.html?modelID=60). It is a mic, line
and high impedance usb interface with a pod in sooftware and virtually
no latency monitoring according to the reviews (sound on sound eg.) Of
course the effects and software would not work on linux, but would the
interface work on linux? Anyone know????
If not wht else should I try? Not more than 200$

Best regards
Ketil Thorgersen (living in Sweden by the way)

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