[linux-audio-user] Re: 192kHz (now a bit OT)

Michael T D Nelson m_nels at gmx.net
Sat Jan 28 08:08:01 EST 2006

Hi Tim,

I'm partly continuing this out of a desire to explore what I think. I 
don't necessarily disagree with you. What I *really* appreciate in music 
is an awesome combination of ability and expression.

I realise that some wonderful recordings come from musicians at each end 
of the technique/emotion spectrum.

tim hall wrote:
> On Friday 27 January 2006 10:07, Michael T D Nelson was like:
>>In general, I can't help but feel that if the engineer always needs to
>>compress a acoustic recording, then the musician should really learn how
>>to control the dynamics of his performance better.
> That really is a moot point.
> I'm of the opinion that once behind the microphone, it's the musician's job to 
> perform their part with all their heart and soul.

Of course. But surely, the better the control that the musician has over 
every aspect of his performance, the better he can communicate what he 
chooses to?

> Having to pull your punches 
> because the technology can't handle your dynamic range does not necessarily 
> produce good results, 

No, but he can learn to step back from the microphone during loud 
passages, etc.

> and anyway, that's the engineer's job, surely?

Well, partly. But the engineer can only fix so much. The engineer's job 
is much easier if the musician learns to contribute to getting a good 

> Too much control on the part of the performer tends to lead to sterile 
> recordings IMO. I like rattle and hum, I enjoy the effect of pushing certain 
> bits of technology beyond their factory specs (mostly in the analogue realm, 
> it has to be said). I like to hear the squeaky chain on a bass drum pedal.

Funnily enough, me too.

> For me, too many studios are, like hospitals, airless pits where music goes 
> to die.

Which is exactly why I like to keep the music *alive*, by not 
over-producing it. :o)


PS Glastonbury's a lovely town, isn't it? I went round the abbey last 
year - it's stunning. (I'm from a village in North Devon myself, about 
to go home for a couple of weeks.)

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