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Mike Taht mike.taht at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 14:27:07 EST 2006

I have enjoyed this thread, but I wanted to bring up four points not
addressed by the debate.

1) Surround sound: If you have 5:1 surround sound, somehow that gets
encoded into the same sample rate as 2 channel sound, and there must
be some corresponding quality loss overall. So it strikes me that if
you want higher fidelity surround, the end output  needs to have more
bits than nyquist dictates.

2) Telephony (see asterisk.org or freeswitch.org) depends on 8khz
clock for just about everything. 48khz and 96khz and for that matter
192khz are even multiples of that. It would be nice to see everybody
standardize on *something* superior to 44khz that made telephony just
another audio app.

3) As I noted in an earlier email, recording sources at 96k requires a
great deal more fussyness in the studio if you intended to play it
back at 96. It wasn't just the sources however. Since there was no
"0", no true silence, recorded from any of my sources - Sortcuts taken
by the software in all the additional elements in the processing chain
amplified the background noise significantly - I remember a particular
reverb and phaser combo was downright annoying at 96...

In short has anybody built a ladspa noise gate that works well at 96?

4) Why are we producing sound just for humans? Cats and dogs can hear
better than we do... and hey, just as much as I loved having records
that drove my mom away when I was younger... I'd love to have a record
today that drove the gophers and squirrels away. :)

On 1/28/06, Ismael Valladolid Torres <ivalladt at punkass.com> wrote:
> Hans Fugal escribe:
> > I'm no expert of all this, but I am a student of it. The sampling
> > theorem says you can reproduce any signal with a maximum frequency of
> > sr/2 with perfect accuracy. It's been shown a million times over. It's
> > fact.
> And when you say *perfect* you mean *mathematically perfect* which is
> even more perfect than *acoustically perfect*. It's top of perfection,
> full stop. Let's repeat it until getting tired so Google's cache
> doesn't get full of misinformation. :)
> Cordially, Ismael
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