Ladspa GUIs (Was Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid type program

Rob lau at
Sun Jan 29 02:27:18 EST 2006

On Sun January 29 2006 02:05, timg at wrote:
> ...or perhaps it the feeling that I'm really tweeking a knob
> or two....

See, I have knobs on my MIDI controller.... none of which can be 
used to tweak the fake knobs on VST's or VSTi's as far as I 
know, despite their use of standard MIDI events.  I love 
tweaking knobs and sliders and stuff.... just not with my mouse, 
especially since then you can only tweak one at a time.

I'd love for a paradigm like Ardour's to get standardized 
somehow.... where a whole bunch of keys become essentially mouse 
buttons so you can quickly adjust "sliders" and "knobs", or gang 
them if that's what you want to do.

Interfaces where the "knobs" and "sliders" are just eye candy, 
though.... where you can't resize or maximize the window, where 
the standard keyboard shortcuts (e.g. tab, space for button 
presses, etc.) don't exist, where even the fonts are bitmapped 
so you can't blow them up by changing your system fonts.... 
belong back in 1993 when they were an improvement over the 
status quo, or at least no worse.


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