[linux-audio-user] Upgrading Fedora Core

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Mon Jan 30 10:21:51 EST 2006

studio64 wrote:
> Hi
> No Just do an upgrade from the CD you burn.
> It will give you the choice when you load the CD.
in my experience, that doesn't work too well. I've always had to backup 
and install fresh.
Hope it works for you!
> Mehmet Okonsar wrote:
>> Hello linux-audio-users
>> I'm not using (unfortunately) any Linuz now but
>> I'm planning to install Fedora. But we are close to the scheduled
>> release of F5. As I am total novice in those, here are my questions:
>> Is it nescessary to blow up everything when upgrading Fedora versions?
>> Do I need to install configure everything again?

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