[linux-audio-user] ardour stuck in export dialog. BUG?

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Mon Jan 30 23:57:48 EST 2006

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On 1/30/06, Brad Fuller <brad at sonaural.com> wrote:
>> I am stuck in a dialog box of the export session to file in ardour.
>> I forgot to put a filename for the export and ardour came back with
>> "ardour can't open export file .....  (system error)"
>> Ok, fine. But, it won't let me close that dialog box, nor will it let me
>> "stop export" when pressing that button in the "ardour: export" dialog box.
>> No other menus are working - kinda locked out. (although I can type a
>> new filename in the export window - but nothing really works"
>> I hate to  loose my session. Any ideas?
> Damn, that's a drag. Sorry, but I've not run into that one and don't
> know any way around it.
> It would be VERY risky, but if this is a NEW version of Ardour the
> developers have put in some sort of 'crash' protection that gets your
> session back after a crash. Don't know exactly how you'd engineer a
> 'crash', but if you could them *maybe* the crash protection would save
> you.
> One other idea. Can you open a terminal and just copy the whole
> directory somewhere else? If the session is really not saved, but you
> have the audio and most of the session file, maybe it won't be that
> hard to get things patched up.
Hey Mark,

That's what I ended up doing. Copying the whole directory. I can 
probably make sense out of it.

thanks for the help!


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