[linux-audio-user] Some various questions about system configuration..

Dana Olson dana at ubuntustudio.com
Tue Jan 31 21:57:58 EST 2006

I am still new to a lot of this stuff, and I searched back a bit
through the archives (manually, as I don't know of a search
functionality) to see if there was any discussion about it.

First question, /proc/sys/vm/swappiness. Is there an advantage to
setting this to anything than the default for my distribution, which
is 60? I have heard that settings of either 100 or 0 are good for
different reasons, but strictly thinking in terms of using my system
for music production, what would you recommend?

Second question, elevator=cfq. I am thinking that CFQ is not good for
music purposes. Would that be correct? I've read it speeds up general
desktop usage, but this might work against realtime-preemption,
wouldn't it?

Third question, ReiserFS vs Ext3 vs XFS vs JFS etc. Is there a
filesystem that should or shouldn't be used with realtime-preemption?

Fourth question, CONFIG_DEBUG_DEADLOCKS. DeMuDi has it enabled, but it
gives a warning when you boot up that it could introduce higher
latencies. Is it safe to turn off?

I'm sorry if these have been asked before, but I didn't see anything.
If you want to just link me, that's fine, I checked on Google and got
conflicting results, and not a lot specific to music production.

Thanks in advance.

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