[linux-audio-user] New website trial

Folderol folderol at ukfsn.org
Fri Jul 7 15:02:30 EDT 2006

On Fri, 7 Jul 2006 01:13:36 +0000
carmen <_ at whats-your.name> wrote:

> > > www.folderol.ukfsn.org/lostdreams.shtml
> > 
> > The mouseoverness is neat.  A HCI/Usability person might disagree
> only in the sense that normal <a> stuff is broken, i mean you cant middle click to download the files, or even right click save target as. you have to manually click each one. <a>s exist for a reason :) not to mention even single-clicking on them is broken in this case, not sure why.

I am really surprised that you are having difficulty with this as I
tested all the active links 'live' before posting about this trial
site. In both Opera and Firefox all mouse operations behaved normally.
they behaved without errors on an old version of Konqueror but in a
slightly non-standard way (appears to be the default with this browser
for any site).

Are you trying to use the links that I mentioned in the text as being
invalid? All the ones with 0.0 as the size for ogg or mp3 are invalid
for that file.

When deciding how to lay the site out - bearing in mind it is a test
of style rather than content - I was faced with four choices dealing
with unused links.

1) point them to a dummy page - an irriating transfer to another page.
2) leave them as invalid pointers - equally irritating error 404 page.
3) take out the whole link - destroys the layout.
4) make them NULL links which almost all browsers will quietly ignore.

I chose number 4. Which would you have preferred?

> if i was impressed enough with the band or whatever this page was representing, via the layout, or a brief description or whatever, id overlook this glaring flaw of 'i cant listen to the music' and write a one-liner to grab the file urls out of the broken javascript, but im not getting that sense here..

There is no javascript anywhere on my site. There is a perl script that
performs a click count, but this has not (to my knowledge) caused any
problems from my main index page so I don't see how it could do so here.

Will J G

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