[linux-audio-user] batch creation of symlinks

Hans hansfong at zonnet.nl
Sat Jul 8 16:15:23 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

Maybe not entirely related to music, so forgive me for that. I have been 
busy with the following problem for sometime now and I can't seem to 
figure it out.

I want to batch create symlinks in the main directory, of all the files 
in subdirectories. E.g.

file1.mp3 -> .dir1/file1.mp3
file2.mp3 -> .dir1/file2.mp3
file3.mp3 -> .dir2/file3.mp3
file4.mp3 -> .dir2/file4.mp3
file5.mp3 -> .dir3/file5.mp3
file6.mp3 -> .dir3/file6.mp3

I tried various shell thingies like:

for i in *.mp3; do ln -s --target-directory=../ $i $i; done

in the subdir, or

for i in ./dir1/*.mp3; do ln -s $i $i;done

with various variations, but it seems impossible to do it this way. What 
is the right way to go about this? I know very little Python and some 
bash scripting. I want to figure the solution out myself, so any 
suggestions/hints related to Python/bash are more than welcome.



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