[linux-audio-user] Re: AMD64 question: update

Stephen Hassard steve at hassard.net
Tue Jul 11 10:30:36 EDT 2006

Arnold Krille wrote:
> Well, I _know_ that 64bit is faster: Here at work I have dual-Xeon's
> with 2.8GHz, my laptop is a Turion64 with 1.8GHz. The same computation
> (evaluating scientific data from time-of-flight/lifetime experiments)
> on the same data-files is significant slower on the work-pc's (almost
> factor 2). As my threads are one thread for computation and others for
> loading and saving the data, it is really a comparison of two single
> processors, where the faster one does even the IO-work itself...

You're really comparing apples to oranges. The AMD and Intel 
architectures are so different, that you should really be comparing 
32bit to 64bit computing on the same machine. One of the side effects 
that you may end up noticing is that the AMD 64bit architecture makes 
more CPU registers available for use, and not the fact that you're 
computing everything in 64bits.


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