[linux-audio-user] [ANN] ALSA MIDI Humanizer v0.0.1

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Wed Jul 12 06:05:57 EDT 2006

On Saturday 08 July 2006 19:37, Florin Andrei was like:
> > As Dave P. wrote, if a real *groove* is wanted, editing a lot of stuff
> > like timings and velocities by hand and ear is the usual way to work.
> > Obviously one takes this hard and time consuming road, because just
> > adding gaussian or other randomization is not achieving satisfying
> > results for the goal at hand.
> A potentially good but certainly expensive method would be to record
> many expert human players and analyze their playing. Some kind of
> patterns must emerge.
> Then try and reproduce that in software.

This is only a theory*, but the majority of music that is 
considered 'harmonic' is based on whole-number ratios (2:3 -> 8:9). It makes 
a great deal of musical sense to apply this (filter) to rhythmic data and/or 
the randomised variations of that data. Most rhythmical information can be 
broken down into single, double and triplet groups. The aural complexity of 
the music is directly proportional to the complexity of the maths. It should 
be up to the user to specify the allowable amount of harmonic / rhythmic 
complexity. Just a thought.

* It is, however a theory that I base most of my music on. ;)

tim hall
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