[linux-audio-user] Re: 64bit vs 32bit (was: Re: AMD64 question: update)

Roberto Gordo Saez roberto.gordo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 13:37:18 EDT 2006

On 7/12/06, Arnold Krille <arnold.krille at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay, I don't have space (and time) for a second partition. And while
> I understand that my testing might not be the optimum test, I think
> your's isn't either: Because you compare fully using a 64bit system
> with using a 64bit system in 32bit-mode. It is like comparing a big
> motorcycle with the same motorcycle but slowed down. For sure the
> slowed-down version will not be as fast. Also german IT-newspaper c't
> has made some comparisons when opteron64 and intel xeons with 64bit
> went onto the market Their result was that the amd64 are faster than
> the intel64. And surprisingly enough the amd64 in 32-bit mode where
> almost as fast as in 64-bit mode while the intels where significantly
> slower in 32-bit mode than in 64-bit mode...

Hmm... I don't understand your point here. FYI: My message was to say
the motorcycle but slowed down is actually faster some times. I am not
native English speaker, so maybe it was not clear.

The 64 bit extensions are documented on White Paper on AMD site; I
think they are public, though I've obtained mine by other means (I've
read them because I work right now as a driver and hardware engineer,
at low level programming, in case you wonder). They are not to make
your processor faster. Faster computing can be archived as a
consequence, but it is not always the case. Even, I've read something
from AMD people saying that 32bit mode is faster (and even
recommended) for some tasks.

Instead of trying to guess things, you should make tests (this is a
mere suggestion, don't take it as a mandate or something...). I think
you will be surprised, as I was. I was also thinking that new 64bit
mode was always faster until did some tests. I've tested both AMD and

That is the reason for being interested in hear some tests with audio
apps. Yes, I *think* that multimedia software should be faster on
64bit, but real tests would be appreciated to confirm. Merely saying
that it is faster because it should be does not make any sense to me,
since I've seen sometimes it is not true.

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