[linux-audio-user] freebob port names

Devin Venable dvenable6 at cox.net
Tue Jul 18 01:49:24 EDT 2006

I can't seem to get any jack clients to connect freebob-enabled-jackd,
but I have managed to make a little progress.  I built Hydrogen from
source, and when it now tries to connect, I do see the attempt in
qjackctl's Messages window.

I get this:

00:39:40.097 MIDI connection graph change.
unknown destination port in attempted connection [alsa_pcm:playback_1]

In fact, I've seen this error when trying to connect other jack clients.
My freebob port names:

registered port freebob_pcm:dev1c_SpdifIn L, offset = 2048
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1c_SpdifIn R, offset = 4096
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1c_LineIn L, offset = 6144
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1c_LineIn R, offset = 8192
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1p_SpdifOut L, offset = 0
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1p_SpdifOut R, offset = 0
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1p_LineOut L, offset = 0
registered port freebob_pcm:dev1p_LineOut R, offset = 0

Is there a configuration file somewhere that is picking up
alsa_pcm:placyback_1?  Or is that just a default name that is expected
to exist.  It does not when I run jackd using the freebob driver.

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