[linux-audio-user] Delacrew

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladolidt at terra.es
Wed Jul 19 02:59:12 EDT 2006

Delacrew's a spanish band devoted to electronic music which
extensively use and even evangelize people about using free software
as far as it fulfils the needs of the artist. They even appeared using
Puredata for VJing in a TV program last week.

Please vote for [1]the video of their TV interview so it's not removed
from YouTube!

They have a blog [2]here and subtitle their opening web page as:

 Open Source, Digital Freedom, Machine's ego

I hope their works are interesting for all of you.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LogtASxrZQc
2. http://www.delacrew.net/blog/

Cordially, Ismael
When I grow up I will go there.

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