[linux-audio-user] freebob mixer?

Devin Venable dvenable6 at cox.net
Thu Jul 20 00:34:03 EDT 2006

> >registered port freebob_pcm:dev1c_SpdifIn L, offset = 2048
> >registered port freebob_pcm:dev1c_SpdifIn R, offset = 4096
> >
> >Is there a configuration file somewhere that is picking up
> >alsa_pcm:placyback_1?  Or is that just a default name that is expected
> >to exist.  It does not when I run jackd using the freebob driver.
> >  
> >
> You should disable the 'connect to default output pair' option in the 
> hydrogen settings dialog. In any case, this is not a fatal error. You 
> can still connect the outputs manually with qjackctl or the likes.
> Pieter

Thanks, that worked.  I can connect Hydrogen's out_L and out_R to freebob's dev1p_lineOut L and R now, 
and can run jack.  It looks like everything is running but I don't hear any sound coming out of
the M-Audio FireWire Solo.

In my M-Audio manual, I see a software mixer that allows you to bring levels up and down and mute. 
I wonder if my soundcared output is just muted?  freebob doesn't use alsa, so I can't use alsamixer.  
What is my alternative?

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