[linux-audio-user] X events making noise through soundcard.

Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx
Fri Jul 28 00:25:13 EDT 2006

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carmen escribió:
> another thing (not sure it applies to SBLive or not, but it has to most
onboard sound ive used),
> is the 'external amplifier' button in the alsa mixer. on Windows this
is just permanently enabled. toggling this generally switches between
silence and hiss and interference noises. with it disabled, and Master
on 100%, putting PCM at around 80% is enough to drive MDR-V6 at
comfortable levels.
> in otherwords bypass the crappy amp. better yet, bypas the crappy
soundcard entirely :)
Yet again, thanks for the suggestions, Carmen. However, as odd as it
seems, it actually HAD effect if I disabled the Aux entry. I will
remove the analog cable for the DVD drive now! I right now have the
headset on, with its volume control set all the way up (PCM is at
about 71% as I have a surround setting, and have to balance Surround
and PCM to be able to "properly" hear the 4 channels output). I must
admit I was rather surprised that this actually had any effect in the
end! Thanks again to all who responded!
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