[linux-audio-user] problem with new machine

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Fri Jul 28 18:00:29 EDT 2006


  Okay, I've removed all drives, leaving connected only the video, 
keyboard, and mouse.

  No joy, same problem. Looks like it's time to haul it to the repair 
guys. :(

  Btw, AFAICT the Antec has no speaker.

  I'll check that CMOS battery too. Who knows...

  Anyway, to reiterate: Nothing happens when I push the power-on button 
on the front. When I switch the power switch in the back of the machine, 
that's when I see the quick flash and can see the CPU fan make a 
revolution or two before everything stops again. One of the front-panel 
LEDs flashes once too, then it's out.

  The MSI mobo comes with a little USB/LED bracket that flashes a series 
of light combinations to indicate what's going on with the board. I 
installed and connected the bracket. When I flip the rear power switch 
to the "|" position all four LEDs flash once, then nothing. The power 
supply fan never starts up, and the CPU fan spins a few times before 
giving up. The manual notes that if all four lights stay on then the CPU 
is damaged, so hopefully I'm narrowing it down to the PS. Which is still 
a bummer, but at least it's an affordable part.



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