[linux-audio-user] FC5 and Flash Audio

Bert Visser bourdon at kabelfoon.net
Thu Jun 1 01:30:27 EDT 2006

> I've upgraded to FC5, and I'm slowly inching my way up to get audio
> working (PlanetCCRMA). I have a particular problem in that Flash video
> works fine, but I have no audio (occurs in Firefox, Opera and
> Konqueror.) I've searched for a solution and really haven't found
> anything that works. Some reports have said that a chmod to /dev/dsp of
> 0666 will help. Others say that changing the permissions on the
> "plugins" directory will do the trick. Nope, not for me.
> I noticed that I had no /dev/dsp. So, I kinda figured that maybe the
> Flash plugin hard defaults to writing to /dev/dsp. So I made one with
> ./MAKEDEV audio... and sure enough, a dsp1 was made. However, I still
> have no audio when playing flash in a browser.
> Anyone come across this problem? Any ideas?
> brad
There is a special yum repo for macromedia. Try installing flash with 
that as described on this page:


For me this did the trick.


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