[linux-audio-user] linux-friendly SIP provider

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Mon Jun 5 15:40:03 EDT 2006

c <_ at whats-your.name> writes:

> eg, POTS network users can call you (supporting IAX/SIP)

I use a SIP provider for all my PSTN affairs. There is a list on
voip-info[2] of clean SIP providers offering a SIP account. I'm using
the norwegian televoip[1].


The things I'm looking for is using a pay-as-you-go scheme, which
enables me to use any provider, best suited for the call I'm making.

Many companies offer SIP service, but refuse to let you be independent
by offering a SIP account. 

It doesn't really matter what country the provider is in, as long as
latency is not too high.

You should try your luck asking the asterisk users list as you will
get a more thorough answer, also taking into account, the country
which you reside.

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