[linux-audio-user] Call for LV2 logo designs

peter zenadsl6252 at zen.co.uk
Tue Jun 6 11:34:54 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-06 at 12:58 +0000, c wrote:
> > (it isn't a ripoff of the vst logo)
> yeah. http://www.lnt.de/~stepe/demo/VSTPlugin/pics/VST_logo.jpg . 3 characters, sounded by a rounded rect, and a shiny coating of some sort.. thats all the points of inflection I need.. 

you didn't say it had similar elements. you said i was going for a
ripoff design. you were wrong and should expect to be called on it when
you throw around language like that. perhaps you should think about 
the significance of what you say. if you did, you would understand
why i'm annoyed.

so, lets see:

"3 characters"
indeed there are 3 characters. would you have me put six in the
logo instead? or, how many? and which letters should i choose now that
the logo can no longer show the actual name of the plugin system that
the logo is supposed to represent?  

"surrounded by a rounded rect"
a surround is important in order to facilitate the inverted monochrome
version (for display against a black background) in a manner consistent
with the requisite variations.
as the characters are written from left to right. (i'm not japanese or
arabic and so it's natural to me to do it that way.. as did
thorwil in each of his designs, i might add). if the fonts are of
typical proportions then the footprint will be similar to any other LtR
logo of three chars. a border or boundary would normally trace the
outline of the text in some way. so, while the end result is not
inevitable it's certainly not unusual or even inventive. it's just what
you get when you need a border around a simple 3 letter sequence,
written LtR.

note also that these versions

_preceeded_ my final design and when i optimised out the superfluous
detail, i ended up with what you now see.

"and a shiny coating of some sort"
now you are taking the piss. a logo with a reflective surface? heresy!!!

in spite of the obvious fact the the vst logo features brushed metal
and NOT glass as used in the detail version of my logo, you well know
that the glass effect i used is the most over used effect in vector gfx
ever. and certainly, the use of reflective surfaces is NOT
the sole preserve of the vst logo designers anyway.
basically, any similarities are born out of common considerations.
within the above constraints, it would be difficult for it to
be more dissimilar to the vst logo imo.
(different colours, different fonts, asymmetrical layout, solid
background, solid border, flat colour, no additional detail, glass
not metal, combination of two fonts..) 

> the reason i prefer thorwils is the hand-crafted look instead of just a font (and 2 different incongruous fonts at that), 
> the 2 is too thin and hanging off a clif, and looks like its about to be replaced with a 3, then a 4. where as the 2 in the
>  other one is clearly there to stay (given the extensibility i'd hope this is the case), and is 'plugging in' to the rest of 
> the logo, without an obvious graphical plug as displayed in the VST logo

the reason that you prefer thorwil's has little to do with accusing me of ripping off other
peoples work.
even after that, if your concerns spoke of anything other than personal
preference i would still heed them. but they don't. so i won't.
i can't please everyone and won't try to do so at the expense of my own
opinions anyway.

> id like to see thorwil's logo given the 4 panel treatment. since i definitely agree with everything in logo_variations.png except the typography itself..

if you think that it's a ripoff of the vst logo even though the layout, fonts and 
colours used are totally different then i fail to see how changing
the text design again is going to change that. 
personally, i'm  happy for one of thorwil's designs to be chosen. i only
suggested the competition because
i enjoy doing this kind of stuff but if i was also going to submit
a logo, then why not anyone else?

so yeah, thanks for accusing me of stealing other people's ideas, being
manifestly unable to substantiate that claim and obliging me to waste
time writing in defence of a project that i undertook for fun in the
hopes of contributing to a linux audio project that i care about.

have a nice day won't you c.


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