[linux-audio-user] jack.udp clips

Alban Peignier alban.peignier at free.fr
Thu Jun 8 05:01:43 EDT 2006

We have a rivendell workstation which sends sound to a streaming server
via jack.udp. 

I'm finishing the setup of our new rivendell workstation. The jack
system (jackd realtime with alsa driver with rivendell) is very robust.
Building the nvidia kernel module doesn't disturb the sound output :o)

Everything is fine except .. jack.udp. jack.udp is clipping on a simple
desktop switch :'( When the system is a bit loaded, the streaming server
receives a very disturbed sound. At the same moment, the alsa ouput or
the jack.backup output (looping jack.record) are perfect.

I tried various buffer size for jack.udp (from 4096 to 20000 ..). At
4096, I have a error message (UDP thread too slow). With bigger buffers,
no message. I reniced jack.udp to -5, -10, -15 .. No changes ..

Anyone experienced the same kind of problem ?
Alban Peignier <alban.peignier at free.fr>
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