[linux-audio-user] music notation

glauber alex dias prado glauberalex at uol.com.br
Mon Jun 12 01:01:44 EDT 2006

hello im new to this list, how this is the first time let me introduce
myself, im 23 years computer graphic fan and also a music fan, i live in
brazil and have one kid and a woman that i love, if someone wants to
know more about me you can visit my messed site www.greboide.dahora.net
(im still getting the hangs on web producing but im not too much worried
about it now).

Now im not a musician and this is a skill that i dont know if i can get
one day, for now im looking for some info on making midi scores to
composite together with my 3d videos that i do using blender.

I would really aprecciate if someone could give me some directions on
learning these things, first im considering buying a midi keyboard that
i consider will make it more dynamic than using the virtual keyboard or
a notation editor like the one at rosegarden.

i have a relative good system here to make this and most apps are
running and i already made some sound/music but nothing that worth it,
the apps that i got running and think that can be usefull are theses:
xjadeo(for video synchronized playback)
jack-rack and ladspa plugins
jack-dssi-host (fluidsynth,xsynth and hexter)
clavier and vkboard
perhaps there is more but i think that these ones are enough for now
otherwise it can get too much complicated.
so my general question is where can i find composing infos like
tutorials or whatever but the most important to me is make my own music
or perhaps make a partnership with one but i would really like to be
able to compound it, thanks for those who can give me some directions.

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