[linux-audio-user] Re: Digital mixer suggestions

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Tue Jun 13 06:30:38 EDT 2006

I would use something that includes Mic Pres because it reduces 
complexity in the analog signal chain.

I just asked Apogee if their Ensemble device supports the Bebob FireWire 
standard. It costs $2000, but check this out:

Four Apogee Microphone Pre-Amps
Eight Apogee A/D converters
Eight Apogee D/A converters
Firewire (makes for good latency performance)

If you get one of these it is probably the only Audio interface you will 
need to buy in the next ten years.


Ismael Valladolid Torres schrieb:
> Carlo Capocasa escribe:
>> Depending on what you using it for I'd suggest simply using a 
>> multichannel card and ardour on low latency, coupled with a MIDI control 
>> board. At the very least for the pure spiritual beauty of it. And for Paul!
> An M-Audio Delta 44 maybe? I'd like to have more than 2 outputs in
> order to use external processors.
> Cordially, Ismael

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