[linux-audio-user] Some basic questions

glauber alex dias prado glauberalex at uol.com.br
Wed Jun 14 17:25:28 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 17:07 -0300, Bruno Gola wrote:
> Hello all
> I'm new to this list and a linux user for 1 year. I use to play guitar
> and i'm planning to learn to play drum. As i'm starting to create my
> own songs and i wanna record it to my pc, i need some tips and advices
> about, witch programs to use and where to start reading about it.

Hi and welcome, im also new to this list and also a brazilian :), though
i can answer some questions you made but not all of them that i can let
to more experienced users to do so, first you would like to take look at
jack audio connection kit, this is the place to begin in my opinion
cause it enable a low-latency server that supports multi connections
allowing you to record songs that you made in a high quality performance
and have response in real time, you can read more about it here :
and here:

> I wanna start reading about drum machines too, i've already downloaded
> and installed the Hydrogen Drum Machine, what do you have to say about
> it ? Is there another one better? Where can i find texts about
> programming these drum machines ?
i dont know about making custom drumkits for hydrogen but you can
download their drumkits at the official site, there is also a good place
to gather more information about it.
> And the last doubt, i have an Amplifier with a line out and a phone
> plug, and i want to play the guitar and record it in the computer but
> using the amplifier to have a better sound and its distortion. My
> soundcard is a Onboard VIA AC97 (my mobo is a Asus A7V8X-X). Can i
> record it? Using the lino out of the amplifier and the line in of the
> soundcard ? I've tried but nothing happens, but if i try to plug the
> guitar into the soundcard's line in, i can hear it, but a bad and low
> song.
I dont have experience in this field so i ask for someone else answer
this for you.
> Thanks (and sorry for any english mistake, i'm from Brazil =-] ).
welcome e de nada.
> []'s

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