[linux-audio-user] Re: Digital mixer suggestions

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladolidt at terra.es
Thu Jun 15 10:19:07 EDT 2006

Carlo Capocasa escribe:
> Yeah to get the best quality for the buck ('ding' for the buck) I 
> suggest applying the Unix-philosophy to everything digital (including 
> mixer controls and MIDI) but treat the complete analogue signal chain as 
> a single unit.
> So an audio interface with included mixer (also known as digital mixer) 
> would be considered bloat from this view point, an audio interface with 
> included MIDI would be tolerable bloat, while a motorized MIDI mixer and 
> seperate audio interface would not be. Also, seperate D/A converters, 
> pre-amps and audio interface would be considered unnecessary complexity, 
> since the unix philosphy would not be applied to anything 'outside the 
> box' (ie computer).
> Jack provides the glue.

UNIX philosophy is more or less "having many elements doing few things
each but doing them perfectly and having the means to chain them

A JoeMeek VC3Q i.e. preamps perfectly, a Soundtrack Spirit Folio
notepad mixes perfectly, a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 does A/D perfectly,
a Line6 POD makes your guitar sound lovely, and you have audio cables
to chain them together.

(Remember that studio freaks love to have many devices at hand!)

Cordially, Ismael
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