[linux-audio-user] Re: Digital mixer suggestions

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Thu Jun 15 17:09:38 EDT 2006

Yeah, exactly, I love it. You have this tremendously effective 
philosophy and you can still right on its fruits even when you 
occasionally chose different. It's so effective it can easily balance it 
out. Good to be involved!

God must we all be absolutely fantastically smart people that we are 
involved with linux audio.



Ismael Valladolid Torres schrieb:
> Carlo Capocasa escribe:
>> If you have a lot of analogue gear you need to be proficient in music, 
>> digital engineering AND analogue engineering, so I try to at least limit 
>> myself to two fields and let the technology be smart as far as the 
>> analogue chain goes.
> It's always worth asking oneself, which part of the experience is the
> one I fancy?
> I enjoy starting songs, starting to put musical pieces together. I
> don't bother myself finishing a song. I've never used mastering
> software. Moreover my brother is the opposite, he needs to have things
> finished in a couple of hours because what he enjoys is sharing it
> with friends.
> I understand perfectly you only find comfortable having an analog
> chain as small as posible so you can center yourself in what's
> happening inside the computer. Others we enjoy grooveboxes. :)
> Indeed this is what's nice about Linux audio, extends freedom, further
> away from where freedom reached during first years of electronic
> musical production, which wasn't precisely "near".
> Cordially, Ismael

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