[linux-audio-user] Re: Some basic questions

Stephen Cameron smcameron at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 17 11:48:35 EDT 2006

--- Carlo Capocasa <capocasa at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi Bruno, welcome to the list.
> For recording, the weapon of choice is Ardour.
> As for Hydrogen, I think it's a very good drum machine for playing with 
> or jamming, but I wouldn't use it in music production.
> The sample kits are rather limited.
> I'm working on a series of drum sample kits for the excellent 
> ZynAddSubFX synthesizer.
> If you prefer acoustic samples, I would get them from 
> http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/, and load them into the sampler Specimen, 
> and trigger them with the sequencer Seq24.

Gneutronica is the MIDI drum sequencer I made.  It has some good points
(pretty flexible tempo control, easy, one click setting of note placement
and velocity) It has some limitations too of course (right now only works 
with raw midi interface, not the alsa sequencer interface (snd-virmidi
gets around that though.) and doesn't sync with Jack... I plan to work on 
that...eventually I'll get it there.)   In any case, I've made some 
tolerable drum tracks with it.  http://gneutronica.sourceforge.net

-- steve

-- steve

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