[linux-audio-user] loopback with hda-intel

yvan chenard mte_multi at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 19 11:28:34 EDT 2006

Hi, maybe someone can help me,

I find no ways to route (loop_back) the Line-in(where I have my tv-tuner 
pluged in) to
the headphone jack, maybe someone know how to do it or know any links on
documentation on how to do it.

The sound card is onboard Intel D945GTP
the chipset is STAC9220 (from sigmatel) (HDA_intel compatible)
I am runing ALSA 1.0.11 not in the kernel(as module).

The only way to get sound from LineIn to HeadPhone right now is
"cat /dev/dsp > /dev/audio", but the quality is realy bad( with this
command I know that the configuration of the input and output is OK).

Thank You for your time.


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