[linux-audio-user] RT and Jack problems

Hiram Abiff domain.admin at online.ie
Mon Jun 19 14:51:36 EDT 2006


This has been bothering me for some time. I cannot, for the life of me,
run the muse sequencer with full real time (RT) capabilities.
I use Slackware 10.2 and a kernel that has RT capabilities
compiled in.

I start qjackctl which, in turn, starts the jack daemon (jackd) with
RT enabled, which is indicated in qjackctl GUI (letters RT showing!!).
But, then when I fire up muse I get this:

Trying RTC timer...
got timer = 14
showMarker 0
tickValues(0x41d3a21) not found(1)
tickValues(0x41d3a21) not found(1)
3set realtime scheduler: Operation not permitted
watchdog process 22391 _NOT_ running SCHED_FIFO
JACK ERROR: cannot lock down memory for RT thread (Cannot allocate memory)
JACK ERROR: cannot use real-time scheduling (FIFO at priority 9) [for 
thread -1284142160, from thread -1284142160] (1: Operation not 
error set_schedparam 2:: Operation not permitted
set realtime scheduler: Operation not permitted
midi thread 22391 _NOT_ running SCHED_FIFO
JACK thread not running SCHED_FIFO, try to set...
set realtime scheduler: Operation not permitted
JACK still not running FIFO !?!
======reliable RT operation not possible!!======

I tried setting the permissions on the /dev/rtc device so that
regular users can have access, it didn't help. What could be the
issue here, I probably misconfigured or am missing something.
Please help.



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