[linux-audio-user] Re: which graphics card?

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Tue Jun 20 19:55:34 EDT 2006

> My nvidia (6600le pci-e) works okay with the open source drivers (nv)

my Nvidia 6200 AGP is totally unusable with the nv driver (this is the dedicated RAM version of the card, a slower clocked 6600). the 2d is in VESA territory as far as performance, eg, wait a half second for window to update after you moved it, mplayer can't even output video at more than 0.2 fps, and for some reason it wont antialias fonts. the proprietary driver is pretty much perfect, license-zealotry aside, except that it wont work with XGL, since its compiled to a particular stable server version..

my Ati Mobility Radeon is actually faster with the free driver in 2D than the proprietary driver. fglrx likes to slow down the entire system just to say, draw a scrolling 'now playing' text in audacious. its routine to see 35-40% cpu usage just for X. and trails when dragging windows. in fact window dragging is much less smoth than my 1997 Vintage Mac, with an ATI Rage (2 mb VRAM), running OSX, where it doesnt even benefit from hardware acceleration since the card is so old..once again XGL doesnt work here either.

yes, the situation is pretty bad.. i even had to switch my mom back to winXP from Gnome, since she complained about her brand new 2ghz sempron being 'too slow'...

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