[linux-audio-user] Re: which graphics card?

Rob lau at kudla.org
Wed Jun 21 01:01:38 EDT 2006

On Wed June 21 2006 00:11, R Parker wrote:
> Is Windows any better? I've gotta setup a Windows box
> during the July 4th holiday. It would be great if the
> stupid thing threw me for a lope and I couldn't finish
> the job before leaving for home. lol

Basically, either Windows comes preinstalled on a PC and the 
video and wifi and all that stuff that gives us trouble is 
already working, BUT the thing is loaded down with nags to 
register this or that and take this survey and warnings that 
your computer is not adequately protected and there are a ton of 
what appear to be programs but are actually just demos and there 
are 37 icons in the system tray.... or you'll be installing it 
from scratch, which these days takes about the same amount of 
time as a decent Linux but is subject to some of the same 
problems with obtaining and installing drivers.

Oh yeah, and in either case, you'll be needing to download and 
install a bunch of stuff.  Openoffice and Firefox come to mind 
(friends don't let friends run IE, but MS Works is even worse), 
but I also usually do gaim, acroread or foxit, java, flash, PDF 
Creator, putty (for my own use), vncviewer (ditto), irfanview, 
gimp, 7zip, and most surprisingly a codec pack (I was amazed at 
how few video formats XP would play out of the box.)  I keep all 
that stuff on a usb memory key on my keychain and update it 
whenever I remember to, because when people know that you're a 
total tool they tend to ask you for help a lot.


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