[linux-audio-user] Recording ADAT inputs on RME hammerfall 9636/52

Stephen Cameron smcameron at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 11:50:54 EDT 2006

--- Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:
> > The "input channels: 0" and "output channels: 0"
> > seem suspicious.  If I try to change them Jack 
> > won't start and says: "ALSA: cannot set channel 
> > count to 1 for capture"  If I leave them zero, jack
> > will start (but I don't know if that's right.)
> its correct. qjackctl could do a better job of presenting the idea that
> "zero = use however many channels the hardware offers".

Ah, I see.  Thanks for the explanation.

> > Then in qjackctl, I can see ecasound in the "capture" column,
> > and I routed it to every single output (all 18 of them --
> > presumably 2 s/pdif outs + 16 ADAT outs.)  So I am seeing
> > the hammerfall having 18 ports, which is encouraging
> please jack_lsp -c and post the results here, that way we can see
> precisely what connections you have set up.

Ok, I'll do that when I get home tonight.  I noticed ecasound 
doesn't show up in qjackctl's connection window until I
start it playing... then, after it's playing, I can set up
connections.  Wonder if there's a way to set up those connections
before I start the playing?

> > I got nothing on the AW4416 where I would expect the sound
> > from the wav file to show up on all 8 ADAT inputs.
> and where do you expect them to show up?

On the pre-fader mixer input channel meters in the AW4416.  
Likely you don't really care too much about the esoteric 
workings of the AW4416, but in case you do, there is 
a pdf here which is not too bad.  

ugh, big url... http://tinyurl.com/px3ot

(well, the block diagram at the end cuts off the left hand side,
which is unfortunate, as this is where the input meters are 
shown.)  Anyway, on page 3 of that pdf, where it says
"If you select F1 [1-24/RTN] you can see the meter array for
all 24 possible inputs..."  That is the screen I'm looking at.

I have the 8 inputs of the Yamaha ADAT interface assigned 
to mixer channels 17-24, so expect to see something on the
meters for those channels when I get all this working.

-- steve

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